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Comeback Technology

They’re BACK! It’s hard to hack a typewriter and nobody dreams of empty bookshelves. Even as we barrel ahead to new heights every day technologically speaking, there has recently been a huge movement of re-embracing old favorites for some very sound reasons! Here are a few shining examples: Flip Phones Imagine a cell phone that phone that doesn’t crack when it is dropped, never pocket-dials people, has a battery-life for days, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg… re-introducing flip phones. They are back, and not just with hipsters and “antique” collectors. Reports are surfacing that several large cellphone manufacturers are toying with the idea of… Read More about Comeback Technology»

Remarketing aka Retargeting aka Awesome!

How often are you shopping for something online and then start to see it EVERYWHERE for the next week? For example when you are reading articles on a completely different topic, scrolling through your Facebook, or even playing games on your phone, it can feel like you are being followed! Well frankly, you are, but it’s not as sinister as it sounds. For many people I know, this Minority-Report-esque level of customization brings with it feelings of exposure, vulnerability and a general distrust of “Big Brother”. For myself, however, I freaking love it! I think it is everything awesome about… Read More about Remarketing aka Retargeting aka Awesome!»

Local Companies Doing Social Media RIGHT

Have you checked to see if your barber is on Instagram? Have you followed your trash company on Facebook? If not I am about to open your eyes to a whole new world of fun, entertainment, and helpful information. There are not many places in the USA where “Market Streets” can still compete with big box stores and 2-day shipping, but Frederick small businesses are world class – including their use of new media! Here are a few of my favorites just to start you down the rabbit hole. Side Note: if you represent a small business, you get the… Read More about Local Companies Doing Social Media RIGHT»

So You Want to Start a Blog?

Have you noticed the growing trend of mommy bloggers, video game bloggers, foodies and others quitting their day jobs to blog full time? Sounds awesome, right? The thing to remember is that every one of the professional bloggers out there sat down and wrote a first post at some point. Most of them had no idea they would actually “make it big”, they just had a passion for a topic and some original ideas. Whether you have goals of eventually being a professional blogger, a business owner trying to attract attention, or you want to share your thoughts on a… Read More about So You Want to Start a Blog?»

Building a Loyal Customer Base Through Relationship Marketing

In the past, Transactional Marketing seemed to dominate the marketing campaigns of many businesses. A lot of emphasis and focus was put on increasing the number of individual sales. While this approach is still taken by many marketers today, a new strategy is becoming increasingly popular. Referred to as Relationship Marketing, this approach focuses more on customer retention than customer acquisition. The overall idea is to use open communication, working hand-in-hand with current and prospective customers to create a more meaningful, personalized, and long-term experience. By providing customers with information that is directly suited to their wants, needs, and interests,… Read More about Building a Loyal Customer Base Through Relationship Marketing»

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of ranking in the search results of major search engines, based on geo-modified keywords. It is becoming a common practice today for digital marketers, as it has been found that a majority of people are making searches that are specific to their location. This practice can be very effective for local businesses looking to target customers in their area. For example, here at 270net Technologies, some local keywords we want to rank for include “Internet Marketing in Frederick, MD” or “Website Design in Maryland”. The local modification of these keywords makes… Read More about What is Local SEO?»

What is Google Glass?

We are about to enter a world where we can wear technology on more than just the phone clip on our hip.  As our phones become more and more a part of who we are and how we complete everyday tasks, tech companies are scrambling to provide smart devices beyond phones.  What’s next?  Keep an eye out for smart watches and smart glasses. Speaking of smart glasses, have you heard about Google Glass? What is it?  The editors at Wikipedia describe Google Glass as “… a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display… with a mission of producing a mass-market… Read More about What is Google Glass?»

Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile Site vs. Responsive Design

Most smartphone users have had, at one time or another, that annoying experience of trying to navigate a teeny tiny version of a website on a tiny phone screen and feeling like your fingers are sausages. You stretch, zoom, swipe, and try to navigate to the next page, only to accidentally end up somewhere else entirely. The first time I ever experienced this; I was at a Giants baseball game and suddenly realized that the train I had taken to the stadium might not be running when the game was over. After 20 minutes of loading and trying to navigate… Read More about Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile Site vs. Responsive Design»

What/Where is “The Cloud”?

Exactly what is the cloud? Where is the cloud? Sometimes the technology world moves so fast that we start seeing, hearing, and sometimes even using buzzwords before we really understand what they mean. Case in point: The cloud. In 270net we often receive questions from clients and potential clients asking, “What can the cloud do for us?” “Would the cloud fix this?” “My computer died. Instead of buying a new one, can I just use the cloud?” As with a literal cloud, “the cloud” can be a bit hard to grasp. The cloud is essentially a metaphor for the Internet…. Read More about What/Where is “The Cloud”?»

Content Curation Marketing

Business owners, have you heard? There is a new buzzword in internet marketing:  Content Curation.  As with many technical buzzwords, by the time you understand what it is you feel as though all the savvy business owners have been doing this for years and you are already behind the eight ball.  So allow me to introduce this remarkable new trend, demonstrate why it’s all the rage and explain how it might lead to a breakthrough for your small business. Content curation is about the information you display on your website.  This is important because searching for information on Google can… Read More about Content Curation Marketing»