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270net helps businesses grow, succeed, and reach their vision by building and marketing SMART, great looking websites that turn traffic into sales.

We do this while delivering a 5-Star customer experience 100% of the time.

We opened our doors in January 2001, so we’ve been providing website design services and digital marketing since the beginning.  Our main office is located atop of the I-270 Corridor, in Frederick, Maryland, and we are within arm’s reach of Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia.  Our location enables us to provide solutions to a broad range of industries, and our tools allow us to work with companies across the country – and we do this daily.  We have worked with well over 900 commercial clients throughout the US and internationally and are proud to consider each one a reference.

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270net Through the Years


Germantown270net was started in Ken’s townhome basement in Germantown, MD.

The original name of the company was Performance Enhancement Products Inc. (PEPI), and the primary work was developing desktop software that tracked performance data for government agencies (in response to legislation required that agencies increase accountability) and then displayed it in a drill-down, control panel format. The software (called PRISM) was adopted by numerous agencies, most notably the U.S. Army National Guard, who recognized it at their national convention.

In keeping with Ken’s background in nuclear plant operations and safety, PEPI also performed consulting work for the Department of Energy and its laboratories, and its first contract was with Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago.

  • Employees: 2
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main-qimg-1e106bd58fc14b936332fa029ea62318270net embarked on its journey into the world of the Internet by beginning to design websites (using Microsoft FrontPage), and also to develop database-driven, dynamic web applications.

One of the first was a website for the Department of State that allowed the Department’s program managers to evaluate contractors’ performance and also allow the contractors to review and comment on the evaluation.  The system was eventually replaced by a government-wide program, but it was one of the first of its kind at the time.


Urbana office270net moved to its first ‘real’ office space, which was in a converted house in Urbana MD, at the intersection of MD Route 80 and Urbana Pike.


270net-logo-2002-300x99On January 1st, the name of the company was officially changed to 270net Technologies, reflecting its complete focus on internet technologies, including website development and data-driven website applications.

Also significant in 2001 was the beginning of 270net’s working relationship with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Safety & Health Department, which continues to this day.

  • Employees: 4
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New MarketAs 270net expanded, the company moved again, this time to New Market, MD.  270net was located in a retail/office plaza at the intersection of Route 75 and 144 (Old National Pike).


270net continued to expand, adding many new website clients and reaching a significant milestone of 50 clients!

  • Clients: 50


ShowImageWorking with its long-time (and still current) strategic partner Keres Consulting, an energy and environmental consulting firm located in Albuquerque NM), 270net added two key government clients: the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Working with Keres, 270net developed web-based real property management systems for both of these agencies, and continues to support FEMA to this day.

  • Clients: 75
  • Employees: 6
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Frederick outside270net continued to expand, achieving a significant milestone of 100 clients.

270net also obtained its first GSA Schedule contract with the Federal government, allowing the company to more easily obtain contracts with government agencies.

But most exciting, as a result of 270net’s growth and expansion, the company moved into 5,000 square feet of new office space on Aviation Way near the Frederick airport. For the first time, 270net had individual offices, a reception area, and a dedicated conference room … all the trappings of a company on the move!

  • Clients: 100
  • Employees: 8
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71300a57bd1c578976cf01468c737c18In 2006, 270net joined forces with Keres Consulting again to take on a significant project with the U.S. Coast Guard, which involved traveling to nearly every major USCG installation, validating their real property inventory, and processing that data to USCG’s major real property database program.

  • Clients: 125
  • Employees: 10
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270net continued its growth and expansion into the difficult recession years, and in 2009 reached another significant milestone of 200 clients!

  • Clients: 200
  • Employees: 9
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Encompass Web Design2010 was an exciting year for 270net, even with a difficult economy. Growth continued, albeit at a slower pace, but 270net received an opportunity to work again with Keres on an energy management project for FEMA. The project involved conducting energy audits on all FEMA facilities, and creating a database system to store the audit data and allow it to be analyzed and integrated with other government energy management systems. In addition to being a success, the project was a precursor of things to come.

Another very significant 270net milestone in 2010 was the decision to offer website design and digital marketing ‘as a service.’ In part to help small and medium size businesses deal with the trying economic times, 270net launched its Encompass and Total Internet Presence (TIP) programs, which allowed businesses to pay for their website and digital marketing on a month-to-month basis, instead of a large payment up front. This helped our clients immensely, allowed 270net to continue to grow, and launched a business model that 270net still uses today and that has been replicated by many, many others.

  • Employees: 9
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As the recession began to recede, 270net’s growth accelerated and we reached 250 clients!

The Total Internet Presence program was rebranded as Value Internet Marketing (VIM), which it remains today.

Most notably, in early 2012, 270net acquired Ellen Keyser’s company – EK Designs – and Ellen became 270net’s primary business development rep. If you are from the Frederick area, or have been to almost any networking events, you probably know Ellen!

  • Clients: 250
  • Employees: 10
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VIM-logoWith the economy picking up, 270net added more clients, reaching the 300 client milestone.

To meet the needs of these new clients and increasing demand from existing clients, 270net increased its number of employees by 40%, from 10 to 14!

  • Clients: 300
  • Employees: 14
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4-Key-SEO-logoGrowth continued at an accelerated pace, and 270net reached 350 clients!

270net also launched a few new service products, including 4-Key SEO, and began implementing responsive design into the websites we created for our clients.

Also significant and drawing from the FEMA energy management project from 2010, 270net began the development of EMAT (Efficient Mobile Audit Technology), a tablet-to-cloud solution for conducting energy audits of commercial buildings

  • Clients: 350


2015 was a very big year for 270net. With excellent products and services, even more excellent people, an unparalleled reputation in Frederick and surrounding counties, and Ellen out there meeting and greeting everybody, 270net reached the 400 client milestone!

EMAT development continued, and EMAT Audit Services was launched, in which 270net/EMAT engineers conducted energy audits of commercial buildings using the EMAT system.

Also, after 10 years at Aviation Way we had outgrown the space and moved into 8,000 square feet of beautiful, brand-spanking new office space on Presidents Court in the Westview area of Frederick!

  • Clients: 400
  • Employees: 15
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google-partner-RGB-searchIn 2016, 270net saw significant growth in its digital marketing services and obtained important qualifications in that area including Google Analytics and Google AdWords certifications. 270net also became a Google Certified Partner.

The web design and IT support departments grew as well, and EMAT began being licensed to other companies. With all the growth and activity, the 270net team continued to increase and reached 21 employees!

  • Clients: 445
  • Employees: 21
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