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Small Business Marketing 101: Does My Website Need SSL?

You’ve probably heard of SSL certificates. You’ve certainly interacted with them during your various internet browsing journeys, even if you didn’t realize it. You may have even considered implementing one on your own website. Anecdotally, you have heard that an SSL certificate makes your website “secure.” While that may be true in a sense, providing a simple way to package the idea for the sales team, it’s a bit misleading in what the SSL certificate’s role is in the security of your website. Understanding how an SSL certificate is used, what it protects, and what benefits it provides can help… Read More about Small Business Marketing 101: Does My Website Need SSL?»

What/Where is “The Cloud”?

Exactly what is the cloud? Where is the cloud? Sometimes the technology world moves so fast that we start seeing, hearing, and sometimes even using buzzwords before we really understand what they mean. Case in point: The cloud. In 270net we often receive questions from clients and potential clients asking, “What can the cloud do for us?” “Would the cloud fix this?” “My computer died. Instead of buying a new one, can I just use the cloud?” As with a literal cloud, “the cloud” can be a bit hard to grasp. The cloud is essentially a metaphor for the Internet…. Read More about What/Where is “The Cloud”?»

What Every Customer Deserves (From Their Software Solution)

Software is a funny thing – imperfect by nature, hated by many, but at the end of the day an absolute necessity for all.  Whether you’re dragged kicking and screaming or leading the pack, everyone is now immersed in how web-enabled technology has changed our daily lives.  For businesses that means simply having a web presence is not enough.  They in particular are forced to transform themselves yet again to keep up with the competition and a new standard from their customers to provide a current, real-time, integrated experience. I have witnessed over the last 3 years an explosion in… Read More about What Every Customer Deserves (From Their Software Solution)»

Phishing: Don’t Get Caught

“We suspect an unauthorized transaction on your account. To ensure that your account is not compromised, please click below and confirm your identity.” “During our regular verification of accounts, we couldn’t verify your information. Please click here to update and verify your information.” Ever received an email with a similar message? If so, you’ve been exposed to ‘phishing’. Phishing is a criminal act used to extract personal information (passwords, bank account/credit card details, social security numbers, and mother’s maiden name).  Phishers masquerade as a trustworthy person/business in typically an email or instant message. The message may ask you to “update”,… Read More about Phishing: Don’t Get Caught»