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We Need Your Help!

Here at 270net Technologies, we love giving back to our communities. Especially close to our hearts is the Frederick, Maryland, community, where our main company headquarters are located. The Frederick community has been great to us in our 17 years in business, and we’re always looking for ways to give back and make the places we live even better. Because we’re a web design, digital marketing, and IT company, we love helping nonprofits in the Frederick area create websites that improve local awareness and visibility, hopefully increasing donations and volunteers. Our team usually builds one website per quarter. We’ve built… Read More about We Need Your Help!»

What/Where is “The Cloud”?

Exactly what is the cloud? Where is the cloud? Sometimes the technology world moves so fast that we start seeing, hearing, and sometimes even using buzzwords before we really understand what they mean. Case in point: The cloud. In 270net we often receive questions from clients and potential clients asking, “What can the cloud do for us?” “Would the cloud fix this?” “My computer died. Instead of buying a new one, can I just use the cloud?” As with a literal cloud, “the cloud” can be a bit hard to grasp. The cloud is essentially a metaphor for the Internet…. Read More about What/Where is “The Cloud”?»

How Your Old Website Costs You Time & Money

Becoming Obsolete Costs You The number one mistake we see business owners make with their website is waiting 3 or 4 years to upgrade the design and technology. After this much time has passed completing the upgrades are EXPENSIVE and TIME-CONSUMING. Just like paying for regular car maintenance saves you on car fees in the long-term, we’ve found that smaller, more frequent website upgrades are much more efficient, saving time and money. Not Maintaining Your Content Costs You Is it a challenge to make simple edits to your business website? If you can’t change text, upload new images or delete… Read More about How Your Old Website Costs You Time & Money»