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The Wild West Of Internet Privacy

Internet Privacy Experts - Frederick, MD

Last month, Congress voted to nullify the Federal Communication Commission’s broadband privacy rules. Most of the news coverage of this historic move, focused on the fact that it essentially made it legal for Internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T to gather and sell your individual browsing history to third parties. This includes financial… [more]

What Can The Cloud Do For You?

Frederick MD Cloud Computing Experts

The term “cloud” has been floating around (pun intended) for decades, but has become a part of our regular vernacular just in the last ten years. The concept dates back to the 1960s when clouds were used on flowcharts to symbolize the internet. It was not until 2006, however when the then CEO of Google,… [more]

Changes to Google Reviews

If you are familiar with Google Reviews, it is the star-rating that shows up under business listings on Google search results.  I’ve included a screenshot below.  Google allows anyone with a Google account to rate businesses, between 1 – 5 stars, and to leave reviews.  In the past, a business always needed 5 reviews before… [more]

Hurry Up and Wait

No More Waiting

Studies estimate that the average American spends TWO YEARS of their life waiting in line. Two years doing something boring but productive would be bad enough, but two years waiting in line just seems wrong. If only we could all coordinate our schedules to avoid these pointless wastes of time. Well, as it turns out,… [more]

Online Tools For The Online Job Hunt

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Online Job Hunt

As most of us have experienced, job hunting (and hiring) have become a whole lot easier and also a whole lot harder since the prevalence on the online application has taken over. On the one hand, you no longer get the opportunity to make that positive first impression when handing in your resume. On the… [more]

“Open the pod bay doors, HAL”: A Look at Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Learning

The phrase Artificial Intelligence sometimes gets a bad rap – think murderous robots, coldly logical machines outpacing and out-thinking their creators – but the reality is AI is already all around us and improving our daily lives. If you’ve had Google autocomplete a search query for you, or Netflix suggest your next binge-worthy show, had… [more]

7 Things You Never Knew You Could Buy Online

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Plot Of Land On The Moon

Every year I see lists of gift ideas for the “person that has everything” and usually they are a little disappointing, so I am setting out to break the mold. Whether you are pondering what to bring to the company gift exchange, really trying to trying to impress someone, or just out of ideas, I’ve… [more]

2016 in Meme

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2016 in Meme

With elections news plastering every news outlet and social media feed across America, for well over a year, last month we had a refreshing reprieve in the form of the affable, relatable Ken Bone. In case you missed it, Ken Bone was the guy in the red sweater sitting in the front row of the… [more]

The Big Deal About Big Data

Big Data

Shortly after Pokémon Go took the United States by storm, a news story broke saying that anyone who had logged in to the game using their Google account had given the creators of the app full access to their Google account. According to Google, this literally means “the application can see and modify nearly all… [more]

Comeback Technology

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Record Player

They’re BACK! It’s hard to hack a typewriter and nobody dreams of empty bookshelves. Even as we barrel ahead to new heights every day technologically speaking, there has recently been a huge movement of re-embracing old favorites for some very sound reasons! Here are a few shining examples: Flip Phones Imagine a cell phone that phone that doesn’t crack when it is… [more]