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Top 20 Listings ALL Businesses Need To Claim

Let’s get to the point: you’ve decided to manually claim your local listings. In this post you’ll find the top 20 listings that all businesses should claim. A few important notes before you get started: Set aside 1-3 hours to claim each listing Have tax documents available Be prepared to be near your business phone – many require phone verification Some of these listings cost money There WILL be a hard upsell for many of these. If you manage to avoid the extras, expect to pay around $500/year for your listings. If you take the upsell, it will be significantly… Read More about Top 20 Listings ALL Businesses Need To Claim»

Small Business Tech Tips: Are SEO-Friendly URLs Important?

You’ve been hard at work getting all sorts of great content ready to publish on your website. Everything is relevant to your audience, you’ve naturally sprinkled keywords throughout the piece, and you have tried to say as much as possible with as few words, structuring your content to make it more readable. As you copy and paste your new page into your content management system, you notice that whatever you’ve titled your page has become the URL. Or, even worse, you see a random string of numbers in the URL. Because you know that Google sees everything on your website, good… Read More about Small Business Tech Tips: Are SEO-Friendly URLs Important?»

A Night on the Town – The 270net Way!

Since all our remote team members were in town the last week in March, we decided it was time to set up a 270net night on the town. We started the night at one of Frederick’s newest attractions, Clue IQ. There are three themed escape rooms – Conspiracy, Blitzkrieg, and Excalibur. Guests have one hour to solve the puzzles with clues inside the room. Team 1 tackled the Blitzkrieg room and, thanks to some dumb luck and brute force, made it out in just over 40 minutes. Team 2 took on the Conspiracy room. They made it about 90% of the… Read More about A Night on the Town – The 270net Way!»

Get More Leads for Your Small Business With Google Posts

  Perhaps you’ve seen one of Google’s newest features in its Knowledge Panel: Google Posts. These posts, curated by businesses instead of Google itself, have been pegged by some as competition with other social media channels, such as Facebook. But before you panic and throw all your resources into creating the perfect collection of Google Posts, let’s take a step back and discuss what Google Posts are, how they can impact your business, and how they compare to other social networks. Just what ARE Google Posts? First, “Google Posts” isn’t exactly the feature’s official name. Part of Google My Business,… Read More about Get More Leads for Your Small Business With Google Posts»

[INFOGRAPHIC] Which Social Media Platform Is Best For You?

With what seems to be a new, hot social media platform released each week, how can you know what platforms are best for your social media marketing goals? We’ve created this handy infographic to help guide you through the 7 most common social media platforms: Need help navigating the social media world?  Give us a shout out here and we’ll be in touch: