Medium Sized SEO Business Case Study: 240.38% Increase in Traffic

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SEO for small business

A couple months ago, we shared a big win we scored for one of our clients through our ongoing SEO services. We love showing you these results, which we achieve through solid SEO techniques, consistent work, and thorough knowledge of our craft.

Today’s case study, a small logistics and warehousing company on the East Coast, has used our SEO services for about a year.

Goal: Improve Traffic

When they came to us, they had already had a bad experience with a previous digital marketing company, and they needed help improving traffic to their site in order to gain more leads.

Our Digital Marketing team implemented a comprehensive content and SEO strategy, including rewriting or creating most pages on the website over the course of the year. Their website needed to more clearly reflect the services they offer and what made them different from similar competitors.

We nailed down location-specific, long-tail keywords that were targeted at the words searchers actually use. Our team also began blogging monthly for this client, mixing in pieces spotlighting their clients with informative posts about the logistics and shipping industry.

Results: BIG Wins!

In just 8 months’ time, their organic traffic jumped 240.38%!
SEO for small business
As you can see from the graph above, their traffic climbed steadily during that time period, meaning consistency in SEO efforts was a big key to achieving these results.

>>Want long-term, lower-cost traffic? Organic SEO is the way to go!>>

Not only that, but in the same time period (August 2017 – April 2018), the average time visitors spent on the website climbed 82.16%. As visitors came to our client’s website, they realized it provided good, useful information, so they stuck around and read the content.

Experienced SEO & Content Marketing for Small & Medium Businesses

Like the results our client got? 270net’s Digital Marketing services can help your small or medium business achieve similar growth! We offer affordable on-page optimization, off-page optimization, strategic content plans, and blogging. Contact us today to help your business’s traffic take off!

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