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270net has been in the search engine optimization business almost as long as search engines have existed. We have worked with over 300 large and small businesses in Frederick, Maryland and throughout the United States to help them improve the quality of their website content and increase search engine rankings. If SEO is implemented correctly, higher search engine rankings will lead to increased traffic, increased leads, and increased sales.

What is Search Engine Optimization (or SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization: verbThe process of managing website content in a way that improves the site’s rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo.

If your website doesn’t rank as high as it should, let us help you! You’ve invested in your site, so it should be seen. We are very good at this. We’ve been around since the infancy of the Internet, we have hundreds of website clients, and we have helped sites move from invisibility to top placement.Search-Engine-Optimization

How Search Engines Rank Your Website

Search engines will rank a website’s relevance for various search terms, and this ranking determines why one site appears above another. But what makes a site more relevant? It depends on the unique algorithm used by each search engine. This is why your site will rank differently on Yahoo than Google for the same search phrase.

The specific characteristics of each search engine’s algorithm are a closely guarded secret. However, SEO experts have been highly successful at deducing much of their workings. We know that there are many factors of your site that can be altered to directly improve your search result rankings.

  • Meta data, for example, is part of the HTML code in the header of all your web pages. Meta data can pass important information to search engines regarding the purpose and content of your site via keywords, page descriptions and page titles.
  • Backlinks are another important ranking factor. A backlink is a link to your site from another site. In general, the more backlinks your site can attract, the more important your site is deemed by search engines, and therefore will bump your site up in the rankings.
  • By far the most important factor is the text content. Search engines can read text and categorize your site based on what they read. For example, if the phrase “ice cream cone” appears 18 times on your home page, and the phrase “graphic design” appears twice, search engines will rank your site much higher for searches that contain the phrase “ice cream cone” than they will for “graphic design.”
  • Remember, search engines cannot read images, so it’s always wise to use text in place of images when possible. Images and photos make a site attractive to humans, so you should certainly include images on your website. Alt text (or alternative text) can be assigned to images to give search engines a hint as to the topic of the image.

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