Frequently Asked Questions Regarding 270net’s Services

It is our desire to be a resource to you. We want to answer your questions, and help you determine the best course of action regarding all of your businesses technology needs. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding 270net’s web design, digital marketing, SEO, programming and IT support services in Frederick, Maryland. If you would like to set up a free consultation with one of our representatives to talk about your specific needs here at our Frederick office, please call 301-663-6000 or contact us through our website.

Web Design FAQs

Question:  I have an Existing Website, what do you need to transfer my Domain?

Answer: The client always retains domain ownership. A domain transfer is recommended for the safety of clients without an IT person on staff. 270net manages the domain(s), e.g. prevents it from expiring, points it to the correct web files and email addresses. We will need username and password for current domain account in order to initiate the transfer. You can maintain your Existing Site Setup.  This is only necessary if client plans to leave current host during the design & development phase of the new site and wishes to keep existing site up and running in the meantime. We will copy all current web files, host them on our servers and repoint the domain. Hosting fees will apply.

Question:  How does Responsive Design Work?

Answer: Essentially, a responsive website design will detect the size of the display that it is being accessed from and adjust the layout accordingly. Elements of the website design will resize, change shape, and move themselves based on the width of the browser screen. Responsive designs also tend to incorporate percentage based layouts to allow for maximum compatibility.

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Question:  What is Search Engine Optimization (or SEO)?

Answer: The process of managing website content in a way that improves the site’s rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Question: Can SEO Results be Guaranteed?

Answer: SEO is a competitive marketing field and results cannot be guaranteed. In fact, we would recommend you be very leery of any marketing company that does guarantee SEO results. That said, we are very good at SEO, and we utilize proven, “white-hat” techniques that result in positive rankings again and again. Just ask to see some of our case studies or look at our happy clients’ testimonials

Professional Online Reputation Management FAQs

Question: Do you contact our customers for their reviews as a third party survey?

Answer: As part of our service we do reach out to your past customers for reviews, and we help you put into place practices and campaigns that help your business better collect these reviews moving forward.

Question: Can you post the reviews we have already secured? We do have signed releases from all of the customers giving us permission to use them. But when we posted them they were removed.

Answer: Except for posting collected reviews onto your own website and blog as testimonials, we do not post your customer reviews on review sites such as Yelp or InsiderPages. Reviews you post for your customers on these websites will be removed because they are not from the source. This scrubbing is a quality control put into place and enforced by the review sites to prevent companies from stuffing their listing with positive reviews. In short, good reviews have to be earned, and we assist our online reputation management clients with making it as simple as possible for their customers to post legit reviews on review sites, and we put practices in place to help you collect those reviews moving forward.