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Transparency + Focused Work + Understandable Reports = 270net’s SEO

We hear the same thing over and over: “I paid a company to do my SEO, but I’m not exactly sure what I spent my money on.” Business owners can’t afford to throw money at their website without understanding what they are paying for, and at 270net, we appreciate and understand that. Our entire service is focused on meeting you where you are at in your online marketing journey – and helping you get to where you’d like to be.

Why does your Business Need SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the digital marketing starting point for ALL business websites. That’s right – all. Why? Because a website without SEO is like a car without wheels: It sure looks pretty but it doesn’t do a darn thing that you *need* it to do. You can look at it, you can tinker with it, you can add fine grain leather seating to it and the best exhaust system out there…..but you’ll never truly use those elements because it’s sitting in your driveway. That’s what happens when you build a website without SEO in mind and/or ongoing SEO. You might have added marketing automation, stunning sliders, sweet contact forms, and more. But is anyone using them? Doubtful. Use SEO to accelerate your website and travel to the top of Google.

Why 270net’s SEO is Better then the Competition

We’re not afraid to say that our SEO services are the cream-of-the-crop, because we’ve done our homework and believe that it’s true. We’re an efficient, in-house team with years of experience and an Agile methodology. We spend our time doing the right things, and we’re not afraid to pivot when the right things aren’t so right anymore. Google is a fickle beast, and changes algorithms frequently. We do our homework and keep up to date and know when it’s time for a shift. But what truly makes our services different?

  1. We’re Transparent. You don’t need to talk to 3 salespeople with 5 phone calls and 20 questions to find our pricing. Just call us, fill out the contact form, or email us. We’ll give it to you.
  2. We’re Affordable. Because we work efficiently and with focus, we’re able to offer you affordable, high quality SEO work. No agency that’s been around as long as we have can beat our prices. Why are they low? Because we believe in helping businesses grow – all businesses, with all budgets. We understand that there are small businesses with low online competition, and they don’t have $500 to spend a month yet. So we put together a package that works for even the smallest of businesses. We know that when we offer you success, you re-invest.
  3. We’re In-House. We’re asked often if our employees do SEO work or if we “farm it out”. The answer is that we always do our own work. We’re lucky enough to have a talented staff of content wizards, SEO gurus, and Digital Marketing Pros, and your work will be done by them – from on-page optimization to reporting. Whether you are in Maryland, Michigan, California, or New York, our hands-on team works with you.
  4. We Report to You. We owe you that, and you’ll receive that every month. There’s no guesswork, only strategy and communication. You’ll know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and your monthly report will be easy to understand. If there’s an element that you need help understanding, you’ll call a real person. We are people, not bots.
  5. Last but Definitely not Least: You own Your SEO. Believe it or not, many companies take back the work they’ve done after you stop working with them. Yes, you read that correctly. If you paid for SEO services for the past year, and you decided that the partnership with that company isn’t working for you – they remove the optimization and content they’ve created for you. All of it. Gone. That won’t happen with us. The optimization, technical improvements, and content that we create is yours. You paid for it, you keep it. That’s the only right way to do business.

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