Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Climb Above Your Competition with Great SEO

Technology has evolved, and ranking online is harder to do. The days of quick-win SEO are gone forever. The only way to climb to the top of Google in 2018 is with a hard-working, insightful, strategic team. Have you noticed the world is full of SEO “experts” who offer nothing more than empty ranking promises or agencies that charge more per month than your house payment? You need an SEO agency that understands the problems facing small and medium businesses, and one that’s trustworthy, reliable, and smart.

Why Work With Us?

We’re experts who know what Google loves, and we use that knowledge to get your website to the top. We start every SEO campaign with a robust technical audit paired with a comprehensive questionnaire and phone call. It’s our job to get to know you and your company inside and out before we get to work. That’s our special sauce. Also – we get results like these:

The client on the left gained +1000 organic users/month and the client on the right gained +2200 organic users/month

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270net’s SEO Is Better.

We’re not afraid to say that our SEO services are the cream of the crop. We’re an efficient, in-house team with years of experience. But what truly makes our services different?

We’re transparent. You’ll know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it – every step of the way

We’re affordable. We offer high quality at reasonable prices (starting at $449/mo). We’re not the cheapest, but we provide value to you far above what we charge.

We do not outsource. We have a talented staff of designers, content wizards, SEO gurus, and PPC pros. Wherever you are, our hands-on team works with you.

We report to you. You’ll receive a monthly report, and it will be easy to understand.

Last, but definitely not least: you own your SEO. Many companies take back the work they’ve done after you stop working with them. Not us. You paid for it, you keep it.

What Does 270net’s SEO Include?

When comparing SEO companies and packages, be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. With our SEO package, you’ll find a combination of services that are the most effective tactics for improving rankings and traffic. These services are everything our competition does, and a few things they don’t.

All SEO packages include:

  • Initial SEO audit
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Content strategy
  • Ongoing content creation
  • Citation building
  • Local SEO
  • Ongoing analytics analysis
  • Social media optimization

Some SEO packages include:

  • Comprehensive audits
  • Reputation management
  • Posting content to social media (12 posts per content piece)

All these strategies are bundled into one service at an affordable price. We could sell them separately, but we believe SEO isn’t effective at increasing rankings and website traffic without all of these elements working together. Think of it like a full-court press instead of sending the point guard alone to the basket.


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