Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Results-Based AdWords Management

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the shortest path to leads. A well-crafted ad campaign can offer a significant return on investment and helps you scale your business. Here at 270net, our PPC wizards craft campaigns with high click and conversion rates and continually improve them to make them even better. We design custom, goal-centered landing pages, engaging ads, and A/B test regularly. See below for some recent statistics from real clients of ours:


  1. The Leads Come – Today. You won’t have to wait for it to start working. Once we flip the switch to “on,” you start collecting leads! We’re huge fans of businesses combining both short-term (PPC) and long-term (SEO) digital marketing strategies. PPC brings immediate leads, and SEO is an evergreen lead machine.
  2. Measurable Results. While you’re certainly able to measure SEO results with attribution and analytics, you’ll be able to more quickly and immediately measure your clicks and conversions in AdWords and understand where they came from. Want to run a quick A/B test to see what ads or landing pages perform well?  Done. No waiting.
  3. We Control the Delivery. Do your ads perform better on mobile? Are your customers the type that research for a while on their desktops before buying? Do they typically buy on weekends? We’ll adjust for all of these factors to find your ideal buyers while saving you money.
  4. We’ll Advertise Only To the Buyers YOU Want. If you’ve got a specific product and you know that your potential customers will search for it – you can be #1 on Google for that search term immediately. No waiting.

 Why Choose 270net To Manage Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

Google Partner Specializing in Google AdWords Search Ads

As a Google Partner specializing in Search Ads, 270net’s digital marketers are Google AdWords Certified. We understand and work daily in AdWords and offer continual improvements in conversion rates and click-through rates for our clients.

Whether your budget is $1,000 a month or $15,000 a month, you’ll receive the same personal service and strategy-based success. We provide in-depth monthly reports to benchmark your progress, and we actually answer the phone when you call.

From the mouth of Google itself, “You know your business—Google Partners know the web.” Let our certified experts manage your online marketing so you can focus on running your business.