7 Topic Ideas for Your Nonprofit Blog

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Running a blog can be difficult, especially when you have no idea what to write about. But at the end of the day, your blog is essential for bringing traffic to your website and boosting your credibility. 

This is especially true for nonprofit, who can use their blog to inform potential donors, volunteers, or other community members about important issues and the work being done to solve them. 

Need a little inspiration to get the words flowing? Here are 7 topic ideas for your nonprofit blog:

Give Readers a Behind-the-Scenes Look

Your website provides all the basic information about your nonprofit. But one thing readers might still be curious about is the day-to-day operations of the organization. 

Giving readers a behind-the-scenes look at how you run your nonprofit gives them a better idea about what you do, how you do it, and why. It adds a humanist appeal to show your team out in the community, getting things done!

Start a Follow Train

Blogs shouldn’t just be dedicated to building your own organization. Instead, give a shout out to similar organizations your readers might be interested in!

This shows that you are a credible source of information related to your cause, and it also helps to build a network with similar orgs. They will appreciate the shout out and maybe return the favor in the future.

You can also suggest social media pages related to your cause, such as Facebook pages, Youtube channels, Twitter users, or other blogs.

Interview Someone

If you’re not much of a creative writer, an interview is the perfect way to create content with little effort. 

Interview a staff member, volunteer, donor, or recipient of your nonprofit’s aid. Ask them about their favorite part of the job, or why they chose to get involved, or how the nonprofit has changed their life.

This gives the readers a hopeful and positive insight to the work you’re doing within your community.

Answer FAQs

Blog posts can be a great place to answer a few frequently asked questions. Not only are these posts informative, but they’re also great for bringing in web traffic from people googling these same questions. 

If you do not receive a lot of questions, think about some common misconceptions or assumptions about your nonprofit, and use this post to clear the air. Or, look up related questions from Quora or Reddit and answer those.

Discuss Fundraising Plans

Fundraising is a huge part of the operations of your nonprofit. Why not write a blog post (or two!) all about this topic?

Write about any future plans you have to raise funds from the community. You can also incentivize potential donors by discussing exactly what you plan to do with the funds, and the positive change that results.

Graphs or other visual aids will help readers have a better understanding of your nonprofits spending. Readers will love to see full transparency in your blog, and trust you more because of it. 

News Related To Your Cause

Readers of your blog likely already care about the issue your nonprofit serves to fix. That’s why they will enjoy reading about any news that is related to it. 

Give your professional opinion about the news and how it relates to your specific community. Provide external sources, if necessary, to boost your credibility, and be sure to argue why this news is important for readers to know about.

Remember, though, with these kinds of stories, it’s important to end on a hopeful note. Explain how your nonprofit can help solve the issue, and what readers can do to get involved.

Illustrate Your Impact

Finally, the most uplifting posts that readers will want to see are blog posts that illustrate the impact of your nonprofit. 

Consider writing about specific examples of the work you do. Emphasize the positive change you’ve created, both on individuals and on the community at large. Then, return to your mission statement and how your nonprofit is fulfilling its goals.

Blog Writing Services for Nonprofit Organizations

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