270net Team

Daniel Mascarello

Programmer | Analyst

In short, Daniel develops and maintains client/server and web applications for 270net, managing all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Daniel evaluates the needs of our clients who are looking for more advanced data entry, tracking, and reporting functionality.  This allows him to make recommendations for either custom off the shelf software (COTs) products or custom software solutions to fulfill our clients’ business requirements while considering the return on investment (ROI).  If custom software is required, Daniel performs the necessary requirements analysis, designs the required database and system architecture, and develops client/server software and/or web applications to meet our clients’ needs.  Daniel remains available to our clients after the software is released, maintaining a rapport to better understand future needs and enhancements, and to provide additional testing and troubleshooting, when needed.

Technologies employed: VB.NET, ASP.NET (VB.NET WebForms), ASP.NET C#, MVC, Razor, SQL Server, MS Access, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, Json, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile

Having worked with multiple technologies over the years, if you have older software that you are looking to convert or rebuild in the newer technologies, Daniel is the guy you want to talk to.