How Your Old Website Costs You Time & Money

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Time is Money
  1. Becoming Obsolete Costs You
    The number one mistake we see business owners make with their website is waiting 3 or 4 years to upgrade the design and technology. After this much time has passed completing the upgrades are EXPENSIVE and TIME-CONSUMING. Just like paying for regular car maintenance saves you on car fees in the long-term, we’ve found that smaller, more frequent website upgrades are much more efficient, saving time and money.
  2. Not Maintaining Your Content Costs You
    Is it a challenge to make simple edits to your business website? If you can’t change text, upload new images or delete outdated pages in a few minutes, your website is costing you. Either you will have to invest a lot of TIME making these edits, OR you’ll spend MONEY to have a tech person do them for you (gotta love those hourly fees!). Because of these costs, you’ll be tempted not to update your content at all, instead letting the info on your site lose value and relevance. Not only is this poor customer service, but ultimately, when website content isn’t kept current, the site begins to drop in Google searches, becoming harder and harder to find.
  3. Not Showing Up Well on Google Costs You
    Have you ever done a search on Google for your services, and realized your website doesn’t show up? You lose business the farther you rank from the top because customers only click results near the top of their searches. We typically see business owners try to fix their ranking problems by paying for one-time blasts of search engine optimization (SEO). Results tend to be positive but TEMPORARY. After selling a lot of one-time SEO blasts to our clients, we found that a smaller, monthly effort actually provides better value. Ongoing SEO will boost your website to the top of Google searches, and KEEP IT THERE.

Encompass is the long-term solution that saves you time and money.

What is Encompass?
Encompass is a monthly service that provides EVERYTHING your business website needs for a flat fee. It is an innovative solution for all those costly problems, and it’s only offered by 270net!

How Encompass Saves You Time & Money

Our Encompass service provides you with everything your business website needs, as frequently as it is needed. For example, every day we provide hosting and easy content editing; every month we actively optimize your site for Google; and every year we upgrade the design and technology so you never go obsolete. Encompass solves the hidden costs of your old business website:

  1. Annual design & technology upgrade means you never go obsolete
  2. Unlimited content edits by our staff as well as 24/7 access to an easy-to-use CMS means content is a breeze to maintain
  3. Monthly optimization puts your site at the top of Google searches and keeps it there permanently

Finally, the flat monthly fee for Encompass eliminates all hourly edit fees (yay!) and spreads out your website costs predictably, month to month, year to year. Wouldn’t it be great to never have to worry about your website again, ever?

If you’re committed to the long-term success of your website and are ready to stop wasting time and money, contact us today to discuss upgrading to Encompass.

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