Track Progress. See Results.

Your website has been live for a while, and blog regularly about your industry. Customers are visiting your social media profiles, interacting with you on a regular basis and sharing their experiences. How can you tell if your efforts are really working?

Keeping track of all the data put out by your website and social media traffic can be overwhelming. You have Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, AdWords Analytics, and much more. You know the data means something, but you aren’t quite sure what or how it impacts your business.

At 270net, our Integrated Digital team is highly skilled at tracking and interpreting data. Not only do we know how to read it, we know how to put it into perspective in terms you can understand. No crazy acronyms or buzzwords in our reports; just clear, plain language showing the growth in your online presence. We don’t just look at one month – We track the long-term trends in your traffic and use the data to adjust our overall plans for your design and marketing. If something isn’t working, whether it’s that your call to action buttons aren’t converting or your rankings for certain keywords keep slipping, we aren’t afraid to recognize that and change course.

How We Do It:

During our client onboarding process, we pull your baseline data. This includes all data from Google and other search engines, as well as from your social media profiles. We get this information so we know where we’re starting, and can see, over time, how far we’ve come.

Each month, we send you clear, data-driven reports. You’ll see how many visits your website received each month, where your individual keywords rank with search engines, and how much the data has changed from previous time periods. Never again wonder about whether all the money you’re spending on a website and digital marketing is working!

As necessary, we use the data to adjust our plans so you see the best results. We rework content that is under-performing, we find new keywords to target, and we redesign elements of your website that aren’t converting. At every turn, the goal is to help your business climb rankings, get noticed, and grow your customer base.

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