Information Technology (IT)

IT Services & Network Support

In today’s business climate, proper utilization of Information Technology can set your business apart from competitors. 270net has in-depth experience in today’s most prominent and effective technologies, and we understand how IT systems impact your business operations. 270net can set your company on a platform to excel with honest and strong IT support, tailored to your specific business needs.

Interfacing with vendors, training staff on applications, consulting and designing solutions, repairing workstations and servers, restoring lost files – anything you would want your IT staff to handle, we handle. Simply put, you spend less time wondering what’s covered, and more time running your business.

IT Support Packages & Assessments

For clients interested in ongoing IT support and monitoring, we offer two support package levels, Gold and Silver. Which is the better fit for you? It depends on how many hours you anticipate needing our services each month. We also offer on-site assessments of your IT infrastructure with a written report.

Gold VIP Package


When you become a Gold VIP, our certified IT professionals provide your business with three types of support:

  1. Telephone & Helpdesk
  2. Remote Administration & Monitoring
  3. Onsite

Exclusive to Gold VIPs, you are assigned a dedicated point-of-contact to manage your business infrastructure, so we fully understand your company’s current and future IT needs. Gold VIPs prepay for 16 hours of IT services per quarter but can use unlimited support hours without penalty.

Other advantages of becoming a Gold VIP include the following:

  • Lock in our lowest service rate and keep this rate even if you exceed your prepaid hours
  • Receive priority technical support over non-VIP & Silver VIP clients
  • Guaranteed response within 6 business hours from time of call
  • Onsite presence within 1-2 business days (if required)
  • After-hours emergency technical support line that alerts our techs 24/7
  • Save 50% from non-VIP rate (based on 16 hours per quarter)

Silver VIP Package


Silver VIPs lock in a preferred rate for as many IT support hours as your company requires each month. You also receive priority response time over our non-VIP clients, and your infrastructure receives an hour of monthly, proactive monitoring & maintenance from our certified IT professionals. Silver VIPs prepay for 3 hours of IT services per quarter but can use unlimited support hours without penalty. Other advantages of becoming a Silver VIP include the following:

  • Lock in a reduced service rate and keep this rate even if you exceed your prepaid hours
  • Receive priority technical support over non-VIPs
  • We provide proactive maintenance & prevention every month

On-Site Network Setup Assessment


When is the last time your company’s hardware and network setup received a “health” checkup? With an IT Assessment, a member of our certified IT staff will come to your place of business to review and document your current technology setup. Upon completion of on-site review, we will provide a written “health” report outlining your current situation, including a risk assessment and a list of recommendations. You are free to address the recommendations internally, or by hiring an outside IT firm such as 270net.

We offer 2 levels of on-site assessments.

What’s different about 270net IT Support?

Honesty and Integrity:

In a business world where everyone is out to get a piece of your pie, 270net is built on a foundation of providing clients honest, clear, and ethical services in all areas. This is our first and most important priority in relation to our clients.


270net has a wide and deep range of knowledge when it comes to the complex, ever-changing IT landscape. Whether its servers, virtualization, networking, databases, firewalls, or security, 270net has the skills and experience to provide strong support and customized solutions for your business.

Response Time:

270net understands that even the smallest problems can cause major business interruptions. We pride ourselves on our quick response times, and we possess the technical knowledge and ingenuity to provide resolutions promptly.

We Listen Intently, and Speak Clearly:

270net listens to it’s clients and treats their input like gold, making the best recommendations with their input in mind. We speak in a language you can understand, skipping the technical jargon and “geek-speak”, so you can spend less time trying to find out what your IT people are saying, and more time running your business.

IT Client Testimonials

“The Frederick Keys could not be more pleased with 270net Technologies as our IT partner. They are certainly outstanding solution providers, keeping us on the cutting edge in this ever changing world, and make our business better and better with each passing day.”

Dave Ziedelis, General Manager, Frederick Keys Baseball

“Thanks for all the terrific work redesigning and supporting our network. I am sure it was quite a task to integrate our multiple networks under a single structure. I feel that with the help of 270net, we achieved a much sounder and safer design. The proof is in the results. I find that I now spend very little time on tasks that were tedious under our prior structure. It is nice to go to sleep at night knowing that we have a reliable and secure solution in place.”

Development Manager, iHire