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Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective and easy ways to stay in touch with your customers. Large scale email campaigns can keep your contacts informed of your sales, promotions, and company news, as well as receive feedback and facilitate customer service. Our digital marketers here at 270net have implemented and managed email marketing campaigns for dozens of clients in the Frederick, Maryland community and beyond, and we are here to say – it works! Following the same concept as more traditional marketing methods such as billboards or ads, the idea is to put your message, your company, and your branding where your target audience can’t miss it. What better location to place this message in than their email inbox? (With the growing prevalence of smartphones, this usually means straight to their hand or pocket!)

What is Email Marketing?

So, what makes email marketing different from just blasting out emails from your regular email account? Email marketing can be most easily defined by clarifying what it is not. Email marketing is not spam. Email marketing is reaching out to contacts who want to hear from you. Email marketing is providing value to a specific set of contacts who intentionally requested to receive information from you. Another key element is that email marketers utilize specific email design and analytic software to create, send, and track your emails, rather than typical email platforms. This ensures compliance with various anti-spam legislation (such as the CAN-SPAM Act), and enables tracking of recipient behaviors.

What are the Benefits of  Email Marketing?

  1. Email Marketing is Fast- Email is one of the speediest methods of marketing to all of your customers simultaneously. The real time delivery speed gives you the ability to move products quickly, fill last minute events, etc.
  2. Email Marketing is Cost Effective – Free email marketing services eliminate the postage and printing costs associated with traditional mail marketing.
  3. Email Marketing is Pro-active – Email marketing is the only “outgoing” form of Internet marketing. It is a way for you to reach out to your contacts and leads, right into their inbox, rather than waiting for them to find or contact you.

Start Email Marketing Today

Here at 270net, we will help you identify your target audience and the message they want to hear from you. We will help you collect and organize any email contacts you already have, and implement subscription forms and other collection devices to grow your reach.  Then we will help to create and send beautifully designed, mobile friendly, professional emails. After the emails go out (and this might be our favorite part), we will help you analyze the reaction of your recipients, including every open, click, and share. This helps us to identify exactly what works, and emulate that success for future campaigns.


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