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Website Design: The Encompass Package

Everything Your Business Website Needs, Today & Forever

If you are ready to bring your website to the next level, our Encompass web service is the right choice.  Easily our most popular web design package, Encompass provides everything your business needs for long-term success online including a custom website design, website and email hosting, website maintenance, and visibility. With Encompass, these four essential elements are consolidated into one service package that comes with a flat monthly payment that never fluctuates.

Web Design Team in Frederick MD

The Encompass Web Design Packages Includes:

  • Custom Website Design – Beautiful, custom website design, unique for your business (no canned templates!)
  • Content Management System – A CMS for easy, do-it-yourself edits to your site
  • Web Plugins – Ever increasing portfolio of web plugins (modules) that can be integrated into your website (e.g. photo galleries, calendars, news, blogs and more)
  • Web & Email Hosting – Annual site & email hosting is included
  • Search Engine Optimization – Basic SEO for 4 keyword phrases with monthly ranking reports
  • Webstats Reports – Weekly visitor statistics and website traffic report
  • Website Traffic & Statistics – 24/7 access to website statistical reporting and analytics
  • Maintenance – Free & unlimited annual website maintenance and updates(never pay hourly edit fees)
  • Updates – Annual technology and graphic upgrade included
  • Responsive Design – Optionally choose to have your new website built with a responsive design that resizes to fit the device on which it is being accessed
  • NO Hourly Fees – No setup or initial design fees and no hourly fees, ever
  • Fixed Price – Flat monthly service charge

Choose Encompass website design if you need a great looking site that will rank well on Google and Bing with minimal up-front cost.

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