Mobile Website Design

Do you have a mobile website yet? With 270net MOBILIZE the jump to mobile is quick and inexpensive, and the result is simply beautiful. Our mobile sites detect what device your customers are using, and instantly shows the desktop site when viewed on their personal computer, and the mobile site when viewed on a phone. Our mobile sites are easy to navigate and look amazing on any smart device your customers use: Android, Apple, Windows or Blackberry. Best of all, our mobile sites automatically sync with your desktop website, so you only have to maintain one website! Get MOBILIZED today!


Why go mobile with 270net? 

  • Mobile site automatically syncs with your desktop site so there is no extra maintenance to do
  • Prominent Click-To-Call button dials you up with one click
  • One-click map button for mobile driving directions to your business
  • Each page includes a link to switch to full desktop site if desired
  • Keeps your website branding and colors
  • Looks and works beautifully on all mobile platforms (iPhones, Androids, Blackberry, Windows)
  • Quick setup – typical turnaround time is 5 business days

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What Else You Should Know About Mobile Website Design

A mobile website is designed to quickly present the most important information about your business to users on their mobile devices. We reorganize and streamline your website content for an optimal mobile experience. This means some content and functionality of your desktop site may not be practical for your mobile website. Due to size and navigation limitations of mobile screens, we recommend keeping the number of pages on your mobile site under 15. Our designers are happy to discuss what content should and should not be part of your mobile site in order to provide optimal user experience and the most benefit to you.

Older websites – those that were built three years ago or more – tend to have more content that does not convert well to mobile. Flash graphics are an example of content that is not mobile-friendly. Because technology is always advancing, we strongly recommend a website upgrade and redesign every 2 – 3 years.

What is the difference between a mobile website, a mobile-friendly site, and responsive design? Read our Blog post on Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile Site vs. Responsive Design and how each option compares to the others.


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