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Online Tools For The Online Job Hunt

Online Job HuntAs most of us have experienced, job hunting (and hiring) have become a whole lot easier and also a whole lot harder since the prevalence on the online application has taken over. On the one hand, you no longer get the opportunity to make that positive first impression when handing in your resume. On the other hand, job hunters can now spend their day in pajamas instead of business clothes browsing and applying for virtually limitless positions. Hunting online offers a much more thorough and broad range of options, and yet at the same time, increases the competition for each job as well.

In addition to changing the job-hunting game, however, the web has also produced a plethora of effective tools to help you weed through the masses, find the perfect position, and make your online applications stand out. Here are a few especially good ones:

Glassdoor Glassdoor.com takes researching companies to a whole new level. In the “Companies” section of the website, you can read thorough reviews on many companies posted by current and past employees and management. The reviews include a 1 to 5-star ranking and space to discuss pros, cons, recommendations to management, and more.  Former employees are also able to anonymously post detailed information such as their salary at their position, what the interview process was like, and what kind of benefits the company offers. The main downside is that the site works best for opportunities with larger companies. As you can imagine, the larger the company, the more likely they are to be included in the site and have reviews.

LinkedIn – Love it, hate it, or still don’t understand it… if you are looking for an opportunity I would recommend spending some time on LinkedIn. According to recent studies, even with the takeover of online applications, networking is still statistically the best way to land a job by far. The Jobs section of LinkedIn operates similar to many other online job boards, except you have the option to sort it by “Companies in your network”. This means you will be shown a list of job postings at companies where someone you know works. (The more people you are connected with the more helpful this will be.) Another perk is that you can let recruiters know you are looking for a specific position in a specific geographic location just by flipping a switch in your “Preferences” tab.

Grammarly/Hemingway App – It’s always discouraging when we receive an application from a promising candidate that includes a glaring typo or grammatical error. Don’t let that be you! Check out Grammarly.com and HemingwayApp.com. You just copy and paste the text of your cover letter or resume into the web page and the programs will instantly provide recommendations for fixing errors and improving readability. Grammarly is especially helpful with punctuation and grammar (obviously), while Hemingway App helps with suggestions for simpler sentence structure, avoiding passive voice, shorter words, etc. Both sites are simple and free to use at a basic level, and of course, their usefulness extends far beyond the job hunt so you can continue to impress in your new role!

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Happy hunting!

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