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Changes to Google Reviews

If you are familiar with Google Reviews, it is the star-rating that shows up under business listings on Google search results.  I’ve included a screenshot below.  Google allows anyone with a Google account to rate businesses, between 1 – 5 stars, and to leave reviews.  In the past, a business always needed 5 reviews before Google would show any stars.  This was to avoid super-small sample sizes.  However, Google has just changed this.  We are now seeing 1, 2, or 3 reviews triggering the stars to show up.  Google also simplified how they calculate the number of stars to show.
Google Review Changes 2017

How This Effects You:

If your business already had more than 5 reviews this change won’t effect you since Google was already displaying your star rating.  However, if your business did not have enough reviews to trigger the stars, it may now.  Every review can count in a HUGE way if you don’t have any.  Now is a great time to gather reviews.

How To Collect Google Reviews:

Good news!  There are lots of ways to ask for a review!  Since anyone with a Google account can leave a review, it’s fairly likely that many or most of your customers can leave you a review online.  It may be as simple as asking them to do so after you complete a job well done.  Email blasts and mailers are also easy places to ask for a review.   If you network at the Chamber or run active social media accounts these are also great opportunities to grow your reviews!  It’s clear that Google wants the star ratings to be prominent (hence the changes), so focusing on them is a good bet.

Do you have questions about this change to Google Reviews, how it effects you, or how to collect more positive reviews?  Let me know – I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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